Sunday, March 25, 2012

At Home Caviar Manicure

Several of the gals from Polish Exchange were discussing the new Caviar Manicure due to come out from Ciate very soon. One of the gals mentioned she was going to try using some micro beads she has at home and that started the ball rolling for this post. Micro Beads?! I had never heard of them but decided to jet to my local craft store in search of them. I ended up finding them at Michael's. I wanted to try them first so I purchased 3 of the larger sizes to mix, intending to go back for the multi-color 12 pack by Martha Stewart if this attempt was successful.

The beads...

I knew I wanted black just in case this worked but I mainly needed the pink and clear to go along with the polish I was already wearing.

Next, I grabbed a small dish to mix the different colors of beads in that I could easily use to pour the mixed beads onto my nails.

I put in mostly the Passion pink beads along with equal amounts of clear and black beads for contrast. I applied 2 generous coats of Glitter Tamer by Lynnderella. It's a thick top coat but any thick polish will do in whatever color you need. I used clear because my nails were already painted. I held my hand over a paper plate so the beads wouldn't get all over the place and I could save them for future use. Then I patted them flat on my nail to set them in the polish...

Ciate's directions on how to apply.

My results...

I hope you enjoyed this post enough to try this on your own. I would love to see what you come up with! Good luck! =)


  1. I love that look! It looks really neat when you use other colours!