Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nail Mail Spam!

There's nothing that brightens my day like receiving a bottle of polish in the mail... unless it's MANY bottles of nail polish! I had placed orders with LlaroweBarry MDeborah Lippmann and DollishPolish before leaving on vacation and they were all waiting for me when I returned home. It felt like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up into one!

I have to say, I was impressed. There was only one color I was meh about but that's just because I ordered two colors that were too similar from Barry M. Totally my fault. Apparently I was in a pink and purple mood, but that's okay.

Now for the nail mail spam...

Barry M nail paint; Vivid Purple, Bright Purple, Lilac Foil, Silver Foil, Hologram Hexagram, Fuchsia & Neon Pink.

Deborah Lippmann... Stairway to Heaven and Candy Shop. Such glittery goodness in both of these polishes. Candy Shop turned into an immediate favorite! Talk about happiness in a bottle. These are my first two Lippmanns but won't be my last. The quality is just impressive and the brushes are are so nice. They are incredibly easy to apply. No need to fight with the glitter at all which is rare.

Next we have 2 colors from the a England The Legends collection, Order of the Garter and Princess Tears. Order of the Garter is a bright cobalt blue with silvery shimmer and Princess Tears is a subtle grey lilac pink with a rainbow shimmer. Just gorgeous!

Also from Llarowe; Glitter Gal with Light as a Feather on the left and White Gold sparkle on the right. 

White Gold Sparkle surprised me. I'm not normally into gold but the holographic sparkle in this beauty is to die for! I just can't stop looking at it. I must have it on my nails soooon!

Light as a Feather is a pale grey with lots of holo-y goodness. In the sun you see the entire spectrum of the rainbow. I have a feeling this will be a favorite through summer.

Dollish Polish custom polish found on I'm really getting into the homemade polishes. There are a lot of amazing polishes on Etsy and I highly recommend trying some out. Dollish polish has excellent customer service and some really awesome glitters and colors. This one is I'm a Material Girl. It's packed full of pink glitter along with white and black squares and hexagrams. Anyone who likes pink should get this polish! If Barbie were a polish color, she'd be I'm a Material Girl! ;)

And now for the last bottle; I <3 Jake Ryan. It's a stunning silver lavender with silver and sea foam green shimmer. This color sparkles in the sun and the sea foam shimmer is just beautiful. I can't wait to try this one layered with a Lynnderella!

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